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Customer Service

Coach & Speaker

"I coach business owners and leaders to utilize Exceptional Customer Service to catapult their business success so they can have freedom to live life on their terms."


Dr. Kelly Henry

Dr. Kelly Henry is a sought-after business coach, speaker and the founder of

“Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience”. His purpose is to serve and help business owners ignite their passion and enthusiasm for exceptional customer service to help them realize their dreams of ultra-business success.  Dr. Henry’s coaching philosophy and system are proven, straightforward, and extremely effective. His goal is to create a successful mindset along with proven procedures that can catapult your business success. Dr. Henry brings an enormous wealth of knowledge from years of ongoing business study and 20 years of trial and error in running his successful clinics.


Prior to devoting his work full-time to coaching business owners. Dr. Henry thrived in serving his patients and community while building his personal practice into one of the top 5% of clinics in the country.  The key to his business success was his never-ending pursuit of exceptional customer service.   As a result, he now speaks on and coaches the same principles that helped him achieve ultra-success.   


Dr. Henry now resides in Argyle, TX with his beautiful wife and three fantastic children.

How would you like to earn $100,000 more this year without working more hours or doing extra marketing?